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Carvin Amplifiers Tube Sets

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Carvin VTR 2800 100-watt
Carvin VTR 2800 50-watt
Carvin VTX 100
Carvin X-100 100-watt
Carvin X-100B 100-watt
Carvin X-100B – later
Carvin X-60 60-watt
Carvin X-60B 60-watt
Carvin X-B12 30-watt
Carvin X-T12 60-watt
Carvin X-V112 100-watt
Carvin X-V212 100-watt
Carvin X-V212E 100-watt
Carvin X-V212 – later
Carvin X-VI12 – later
Carvin Nomad, Belair, and VT50
Carvin V3
Carvin Vintage 16


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